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Archive for January, 2007

new slang for you.

a terrible metaphor.

For the seventh consecutive season, Manny Ramirez will man the Green Monster and serve as a meaty anchor in the middle of the Boston batting order.
Of course, there’s the eeeeew factor, which is huge. But also, nautically speaking, I don’t think a meaty anchor would work well. The fish would nibble it and you’d […]

apparently, vaginal canals can be different lengths.

I do not believe, however, that doctors describe them as being either a “Bert” or an “Ernie.”

A rad theory.

Millions of years ago, as a defense mechanism to ward off predators, children evolved the ability to be really really annoying.

The boys of today will make terrible lovers.

You guys ever masturbate?
It’s really really easy these days! I can just turn on my computer, type “vaginas” into Word Perfect, and I’m ready.
But back when I started working on mah bird, all there was was HBO. And back before The Sopranos, even back before First and Ten, all HBO had on at night were […]

Living well is the best revenge.

Second best: dig a hole and cover it with banana leaves. Tiger trap!